The Flapjax Team

Flapjax is the result of the work of many.

The core team consists of

Thanks To...

We thank Andrey Skylar, Josh Gan, and Jay McCarthy for their help.

We're especially grateful to our Brains Trust for their feedback and support: Pete Hopkins, David Reiss, and Kimberley Burchett. We thank Cormac Flanagan for focusing our attention. We also thank our local area technology buddies at Providence Geeks, especially Jack Templin and Brian Jepson, for their encouragement.

A big thank you to contributors like Lee Butterman, Richard Whitney, Ethan Aubin, Daniel Ignatoff and many others for their support and making sure that we keep moving forward.

Thank you to lethevert for the Japanese translation of the tutorial.

Thank you to the following people for providing very useful libraries: Christian Cantrell and Mike Chambers (Macromedia), for the Flash/JavaScript integration kit; Julien Couvreur, for "Flash4AJAX"; Bob Ippolito, for the simplejson library; Dave Herman, for his JavaScript parser; Robert Harder, for his Base64 library; the Prototype Core Team for code we've borrowed from Prototype; and for their JSON library.